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Aislante de calor industrial

Through mechanical cutting, Life melamine foam can be processed into a thermal insulation material for pipeline protection. While providing insulation, energy losses are controlled, repairs are reduced, and noise levels are reduced.

Its ability to withstand high temperature (working temperature is about 180℃for long time, short - term peak temperature can reach 250℃). Withstand low temperature capability (long time working temperature is about - 150℃, short - term peak temperature can reach -180℃) and flame retardanance, make it be competent in technical requirements.

Further applications include thermal insulation of hot water tanks and their equipment. The system solution based on the Life melamine foam make the insulation material can be fully applied throughout the wall of the tank.

The thermal insulation materials, made of aluminum thin, non - woven fabric compositing of special - shaped profiles mechanically processed by Life melamine foam, can be used in a wide range of industrial fields.




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