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Cuál es pista de fregado mágica de la esponja

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Magic Sponge Scouring Pad: is an innovative household cleaning pad, made of melamine sponge compounding scouring pad (polyester fiber). based on powerful cleaning melamine sponge and strong scouring pad, make more durable, not easy fractured, not easy breakdown, make melamine sponge more durable.

Micro - fibers, magical cleaning capacity, use water only

Need water only, no detergent, no hurt hands

Compounding scouring pad, coarse to fine matching, more powerful capacity.

Life Nano Magic Sponge Scouring Pad is mainly made of compressed melamine sponge (strong/durable, higher density: December 10, 16 kg/m3), micro - fibers much smaller than ten thousandth of hair dip into the surfaces, specially on uneven surfaces, fast to remove the stubborn stains and old dirt, with water only, no detergent. The Optimal Cleaning Product.

Stronger:higher density, more powerful cleaning capacity

Durable:Abrasive - resistant, almost no fractured, no dregs

Life Nano Magic Sponge Scouring Pad: Clean on all kitchen ware, physical cleaning, efficient, eco - friendly, magical cleaning effect, make everyday cleaning easily.

Applicable for cleaning kinds of pot, cooking bench, dish and bowl, appliance, Smoke exhauster and more.

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