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Porqué espuma de la melamina usada en el campo de la configuración

Because of highly sound - absorbing ability and fireproof properties of melamine foam (in line with the GB/T8624 - 2006 B1 level flame retardant standard, and do not need to add flame retardant medium), and the popular and elegant features, make it widely used in the field of architecture. The acoustics and noise control products made of Life melamine foam can provide effective voice solutions for almost all circumstances, from the studio, Anechoic Chamber, office, classroom, restaurant, theater, stadium to industrial assembly line.

Suspended absorbents produced by the Life melamine foam are used in public buildings such as shooting ranges, gyms and skating rinks to reduce noise. Its high sound absorption capacity, lighter weight, higher fire safety performance and simple cable structure construction technology are fully reflected in these applications.

The ornamental acoustic board, Suspended sound absorber, metal ceiling panel supported by the Life melamine foam, which Significantly improve the acoustic effect. More importantly, it will give people inspiration for design.

The Life melamine foam, with its unique safe and clean properties and excellent acoustics, has always been the best choice for radio designers and acoustic engineers.

The sound solution based on the Life melamine foam is the way out of the noisy world. For example, if workers are constantly disturbed by the noise of adjacent corridors, even the most well - designed offices will be inefficient; Who would want to eat in a restaurant where the clink of a plate is too big to hear?

In order to improve civil building acoustics effect, the restaurant corridor of condole top, sound - absorbing ceiling, indoor soft bag wall, office partition, lightweight sandwich wall can be composed of Life melamine foam and metal board, gypsum board, cloth or plastic.

Another interesting application of the Life melamine foam in the building area involves lining the shutters. It not only has the function of insulation, but also reduces the noise during operation of the shutter roller. It is also used to reduce noise insulation on the edges of soundproof Windows.

High decibel noise in industrial and manufacturing circumstances not only reduces productivity but also threatens workers ' health. Studies show that exposure to high noise levels can lead to stress and fatigue, which can lead to injury or hearing loss.

Work environment polluted by high intensity noise (such as heavy engineering machinery and metal processing plant operating noise and other troubled voice) can be installed through the Life melamine foam sound - absorbing board method to make noise to acceptable levels. The melamine foam wall panels and refracting panels can reduce and control noise and reverberation in factories, assembly plants and other industrial situations by blocking and filtering sound waves.

Life melamine foam can before industrial noise became a difficult problem to solve in intangible, has helped thousands of companies to protect the health of its employees and saves expensive insurance claims.




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